Gear Measuring MachineDO-3PC)

It is the production of GEAR SPECT CO.
Instrument for complete testing deviation of Spur gears, Involute and equilateral splining and Hobs after re-sharpening.

Technical data of the instrument DO-3PC in a basic excution.

– MAX. gear diameter …. 180(280)mm
– MAX. module of gear …. 8.0mm
– MIN.  module of involute …. 0.7mm
– Tooth inclination & pith …. 0.5mm
– MAX helix angle,right &left …. 50
– MAX weight of measured part….20kg
– MIN pitch circle diameter …. 10mm


MAHR Form & Countuor Measuring Device:


Year of Manufacturing: 1998

– It is able to measure the different kinds of form of a part and show on its Manitor and gives Graph. 

 MAHR Surface Measurment ( Mar Surf PS1)

The MarSurf PS1 is a compact roughness measuring instrument for mobile use shopfloor conditions.

– The maximum measuring range is 350mm(0.014in)

– The MAX. traversing length is 17.5mm(0.700in)

– The instrument is easy to use and complies with DIN EN ISO 3274

– The following parameters are available for MarSurf PS1:
RA…..Arithmetic mean roughness
RQ…..Root mean square roughness
RZ…..peak-to-valley height
RP…..Profile peak height…

Hardness Measuring Instrument:

The instrument is from England
It is NC
It measures in HRC